Romy’s Kitchen

edited-art-workHaving moved to Bristol just over a couple of years ago now, I’ve struggled to find an Indian restaurant that really stands out for me… Until I ate at Romy’s Kitchen…

Romy’s Kitchen is the only place which, so far, allows me to enjoy Indian food that has the taste of home comfort food, but it’s made with a lot of thought and attention, plus it’s creative and versatile each time I’ve visited.

If you go at lunchtime, you can truly indulge in a great deal: from 2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £15, to a lunch platter for 2 at the price of £25, which includes a glass of house wine. With an afternoon spare, Greg and I made our way down to enjoy what we knew would be a great meal…


Spicy crab cake with apple slaw and chutneys

For starters I went for the crab cakes – which I planned on in advance – as they’re wholesome, lightly spiced, and delicious. I love crab and with there being no potatoes in these, it’s light but surprisingly filling. The slaw and chutney add an awesome balance of sweet and creaminess to go alongside it. I don’t really need many bites to finish one and usually, I wish I could have more…


Chicken Makhani, Chill Paneer, Fish Curry, Dal and Rice

The mains comes with a choice of one curry that is served with dal, rice or naan. But as Greg and I were hungry, we went for all 3 mains on the menu with rice AND naan…


You can see from the top image that our choice to have all 3 mains meant that we tried a lot of curries. But the main point I want to make about the different curries here, is that they all taste so different from one another – that may sound strange and obvious, but sometimes I swear that the same sauce, or similar sauces are used for many of the curries in Indian places. And I’m not the first to say this!

The chicken is very cardamom-y which I LOVE. The fish curry – hake on this occasion – was fragrant with a sour note and a slight heat, then the paneer, oh the paneer, had a great sweetness and a nice hint of chilli. These all went really well with a dal that had a generous amount of ghee and spices in there, but more of a compliment to the rest. The rice was also tasty on it’s own, and I mention this because I love a well cooked rice and can easily eat it alone. But by far for me, it was all about the naan. The naan was slightly crispy on one side – possibly because they’re done in a tandoor in the kitchen – and the other side was so soft and pillow-y that I could snuggle up to them!

The final point I want to make about these dishes, is that the sauces were really delicious – so moreish and perfect for someone that loves to scoop and dip their rice and naan into!


Saffron and Cardamom ice cream, Rose ice cream, with warm Gajar Halva

The desserts, as you can tell from the description of the image above, are much loved and well known Indian flavours, and I was pleased that some of them were my ultimate favourite combinations..!

The gajar halva – which is a warm, sweet and rich carrot dish, with ghee, sugar and spices. This had the perfect balance against the ice creams which on their own, have my favourite combination of saffron and cardamom that was rich, creamy, and reminded me of so many sweet puddings I ate growing up. The rose ice cream was just like my favourite Indian milkshake called falooda – check this out if you ever go to India or if you eat somewhere that serve it on the menu! So as you can probably tell, it was a satisfying and comforting end to the meal.

If you’re near Thornbury then I highly recommend eating here. Or if you fancy a road trip to the South West for a great Indian meal, eat here! Keep an eye out on Romy’s continuous adventures in the food industry too, as she’s always doing a new event here and there, mostly in London but always with a new menu and something exciting to try.

2 thoughts on “Romy’s Kitchen

  1. As a Brit who hasn’t been to India yet, it’s good to have this recommendation. I love Indian food but can only guess at its authenticity! Is this the restaurant which is on the first floor in central Thornbury? If so I may have eaten there years ago.

    • Hi Jane, Romy’s Kitchen is a treat for sure. She has a creative take on authentic dishes but there’s also a lot of authentic flavours going on – it’s just delicious and never a disappointment. She has her own restaurant in Thornbury, so not on the first floor. It’s just down the road from the main high street. Very sweet building.

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