Wapping Wharf, Bristol


Bristol’s new and exciting development that is Wapping Wharf has been all over foodies social media recently, and there are plenty of reasons why…

A part of town in its own right and seen as a new entrance to the city centre, contains flats with spaces underneath and recently, newly added cargos – both that are taken over by bars, restaurants and cafes, even some places to shop. It’s no surprise how well it’s taken off in such a short amount of time, with rumors that it’s growing still.

With only an hour to spare whilst doing other bits in town, I decided to have lunch at both Woky Ko and Lovett Pies – quite random to eat at 2 places, but since they both offer the chance to try small dishes, I thought, why not?


Woky Ko, opened by Masterchef finalist in 2013, Larkin Cen, offers pretty delicious and satisfying Asian food; from bao (one of my absolute favourites) to sharing plates, noodles and rice dishes, plus Asian salads and desserts.

They’re in a quite small space that actually reminded me of my travels to Japan – as I ate in many small ramen or as they called it, ‘two bowls’ places in Tokyo and Kyoto; starting with a sliding door to go in, a stylish and welcoming interior with umbrellas on the ceiling and wooden tables and long benches to sit at.

I love how, what initially seems like a tight space, feels open and welcoming, along with the sounds of the hustle and bustle coming out of the kitchen, which – as you can see in the image – is open for all to see.

Greg and I had a duck bao each, which was delightful and what I would expect: a crispy (and not chewy) duck, a slightly tangy peking sauce that’s rich and gets cut through well with the spring onions and cucumber – all in a soft, pillow-y bao. I was happy with this and would happily have one again!

We also got the crispy beef from the small plates selection to give it a try, and we were both pleased with that too, though this was similar to many crispy beef dishes in many Chinese restaurants and possibly for a cheaper price and larger portion – saying that, if it were alongside many small plates, it’s a great dish to have amongst the selection for sharing.

I’d definitely return and go for the selection of the small plates – especially the sea bass, which has been the rage on social media and dammit I don’t know why I didn’t get one! Next time…

Lovett Pies, based a couple of doors down from Woky Ko, is a cute space serving delicious, humble pies, but with interesting flavour combinations using seasonal and local ingredients and thankfully, in proper hearty and filling pastry.

Having spoken to one of the ‘pie connoisseurs’, Phil, told us they’ve been doing this for about 5 years and have moved around to different farmers markets and festivals, and now this is their first shop. I couldn’t be more excited for them as it’s such a great place to be based in!

The pies were really great too and it’s worth going a few times to try the different flavours. Greg and I got a pie on its own, but you can get sides and hot drinks too – so it’s a great place to visit in the colder months coming up for a cheap and cheerful fix.

So this is just a tiny, tiny glimpse of the places that have opened up at Wapping Wharf. With such an amazing selection already, I look forward to more of what’s to come and can already tell I’ll be visiting regularly – in fact, the plans are to go back at least another couple of times before Christmas to make our way around the different offerings!


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