Coconut Chilli – microwave curry meals

My previous blog post on the Coconut Chilli launch night I attended a few weeks back mentioned that I’ll do a follow up on Coconut Chilli’s microwave meal pots. And today, I’d like to share my experience now that I’ve tried one.

Now I was really sceptical about trying this. For one, it’s a microwave meal and two, it’s an Indian microwave meal! Having these in my own fridge or as part of my eating routine would be straight up incomprehensable.

But being a cook that always tries to take lunch in, and only nips to the odd shop/café when I didn’t have the time to pre-prepare, trying something from a supplier that advertise themselves as offering ‘fresh, chilled meal pots’, sounded like an interesting product to give a go.

Excuse the poor ‘non-professional’ images, this was at work and I weren’t about to get my camera out!

The curry pot was sent by courier and you’ll see on the website (showing you the prices too) that you need to order in advance by 5pm on a Tuesday, to receive them in the same week.

The packaging was nicely presented, though odd with the fur like material in plastic – but it kept the pot in it’s place and it was all very neat and clean. There was also some wrapped up ice underneath, enhancing the freshness of it, so I appreciated that. I like the little personalised message by someone called Mary, cute chilli drawing and all!

As you can see I went for the cardamom chicken, which is one of the cheaper pots (at £4.25) from the selection but also, I love cardamom so it was the first one that caught my eye anyway.


Off in the fridge it went whilst I went back to work. Glad it arrived around 11am so I had something to look forward to..! But something to keep in mind, it arrived on 16th September, but the back stated that the use by date was the 20th, so it was nice to know I didn’t have to eat it that day if I didn’t want to.



Taking the pot out the cardboard package, it was good to see that there’s a decent amount of rice (which almost seemed like too much rice), some chicken, plus some different colours going on with the squash, tomato and coriander.

So going with the instructions of basically sticking it in the microwave for a few minutes, stirring halfway, then leaving it to rest when done, it was definitely quick and easy like any other microwave meal…

This could’ve been eaten from the pot, but I wanted to see how much this came out to on a plate – mainly to judge the rice and chicken ratio, as I wouldn’t have been impressed if it was mainly rice.


But there you have it, a pretty good balance of rice and chicken. And if you can see the black dots, that was pretty much cardamom – so it was definitely cardamom-y, which I was very happy about. It almost seemed too wet with water in the pot, but you can see that actually it evaporated in the microwave – which is handy to have seen because when I cook curries, adding a bit of water prevents the curry from drying out.

This is also probably why the chicken was still quite tender, and as far as microwave meals go, this is really good quality. Especially when there’s always a stigma against microwavable meals because let’s face it, they’re always below average. But I don’t think I would put this amongst that ‘urgh, microwave meal’ category. It could almost set a standard in it’s own right as a microwavable meal with it’s different approach and entirely different outcome.

The only barrier I see with this is that you need to order quite a few at a time, but maybe the way around it is if you team up with people, perhaps if there’s a big meeting due or you know it’s a busy period and you know you’ll want something with a home made touch, but quick and easy, order a few and know it’s there waiting for you when needed.

All in all, if microwave meals were fresh tasting with proper ingredients being used, then we wouldn’t have such a stigma against them. Maybe this is the new take microwave meals need, where they can adapt to our need for fast food that’s still healthy, and to be tasty rather than a ‘that’ll do’ type of lunch. So thanks for giving me a refreshing view on microwave meals Coconut Chilli!

Please note: I was sent this product for free so did not pay for it. However, this did not impact my opinions or enthusiasm about the food, and neither did they see this review before it went up.






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