Stop buying granola – just make it yourself…


I love breakfast and try to not skip it in the weekdays… and the way I do this, is by taking it with me to work so I can settle down (after a good 20mins walk) at my desk with a hot drink, something to eat and get energised for the day. It’s cheaper than grabbing something on the way, unless it’s for a Friday treat (!), but this granola is great because it’s versatile – working well with both yogurt or milk. It’s also easy to put together and it tastes delicious – plus it gives you opportunities to change it around a bit depending on what mood you’re in or have lying around the house!

Since seeing Nigella Lawson’s ‘Andy’s Fairfield Granola’ (from the book, Feast) and Sophie Dahl’s ‘Tawny Granola’ (from the book, Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights), I’ve basically adapted both of these recipes to suit what I fancy and have lying around the house – mostly different seeds and dried fruits to spices.

Nigella’s version is probably more indulgent with the use of 3 kinds of sweetness plus sunflower oil, then Sophie’s version is lighter with the use of vanilla extract and desiccated coconut instead of sugar… But I like to have something in between – where it’s healthy but still indulgent…

Now there are no measurements with this – I don’t see the point! Just mix together what you have of the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients till it lightly coats the dry mix. See below.


Porridge oats – I tend to stick in what’s likely to be a couple of cups full – giving you a vision there 🙂

Seeds: (in this image) pumpkin seeds, linseeds – a good handful each

Dried coconut flakes – only a small handful for texture

Ground ginger and cinnamon – a good sprinkling of each, but more of the cinnamon

Dried cranberries – again, a good handful as I love them!

Coconut oil – a good dollop

Honey – as much as needed to help combine


Simply mix all of the dry ingredients, except for the dried cranberries, and dollop some coconut oil and honey over it. Mix together till combined but if it’s too dry, add a bit more coconut oil and honey.

Place this mix on a baking tray and place in a preheated oven on 180c and roast for about 20 minutes – till golden brown, stirring it every 5 minutes or so.

Take out the oven and add the dried cranberries, then let it cool down. Tub it up, take it to work or take bits of it each day for a mix of breakfasts or even for your mid morning and afternoon snack!

Once you do this yourself and see how easy it is, you’ll get used to playing around with it and never bother buying ready made again!