Bulrush, Bristol

‘Best food I’ve eaten since moving here…’
Was a sentence used by Greg when we had the most delightful afternoon eating at the new restaurant on the scene, Bulrush.
It was a surprise birthday meal for me and I couldn’t have been more happy with Greg’s choice. Well, I mentioned wanting to go here when they opened last year but still, that list of places to eat is long! I’ve so many nice things to say about Bulrush that I may as well jump in now and say, ‘You must go dine here, like now..!’
We went for the taster menu and the variety of each dish, the friendly service, and the hell of an 80’s themed tunes in the back made it an awesome experience!Snack nori
Let’s begin with the little snack bought to us before it all began: crackers with a topping of all sorts – we didn’t expect this so can’t quite remember the toppings – but they were so tasty. Cracker bases that didn’t crumble one bit when taking a bite – they actually kept their shape and the flavours balanced out perfectly. The black one was with nori and literally tasted like sushi to me! So fresh, clean, full of flavour, so unexpected!
All dishes on the tasting menu are not in this post, just the main ones that I personally wanted to rave about. With their ever changing seasonal dishes, they’ll change by the time you go and check it out anyway – which you’re gonna do soon after seeing the pictures and reading about them, I hope!

Oyster w frozen rubarb

Oyster with sea buckthorn granite
The oysters were incredible – we were warned ‘not to get a brain freeze’ – which was hilarious, but quite true. So cold, but the texture was so meaty, smooth and leaving a taste of the sea – making us feel like we were at the coast eating this caught right then and there. What a great start overall.
artichoke soup
Soup of the day with Bulrush bread
Artichoke soup with rhubarb oil – which was almost jam like and reminded me of Scandinavian combos – but working so well with a sweetness alongside a smooth, rich soup.
Wye Valley asparagus, elderflower hollandaise, walnut
Well, how can you not like this one. The asparagus so tender yet firm and slightly smokey, with a creamy hollandaise that wasn’t too heavy because of the elderflower infused vinegar. It felt so comforting but light. Apparently it’s many people’s favourite dish and I can understand why!
It was at this point Greg had to stop eating and looked over to say, ‘Arushi, slow down with the eating and just relax, enjoy it!’ I looked up and realised I was far gone into my world, feeling very happy but a bit too engrossed – but it was so damn tasty! Ok, I thought to myself, better relax and take my time to enjoy the experience…
Pickled herring, horseradish, hay-smoked beets, dill
A dish with a Scandinavian nod – and it all worked so well with this combo. I imagine it’s not hard for this to go badly together as it’s a classic: fish, horseradish, beetroot and dill. But there was a bit of flax seed brittle added, which was the first time I tried it and I really liked it. I can say that again, it’s a dish that was fresh, light, yet tasty and full of flavour.
Salt marsh lamb, seaweed faggot, wild garlic, ricotta, chicory
If the asparagus was comforting yet light, this lamb dish was comforting and just indulgent – basically, ain’t nothing light about it! But man, it was incredible. Lamb so tender, faggot so rich, ricotta smooth, chicory that was slightly charred (and was a great surprise to Greg with it being a vegetable that stood out so much), the  wild garlic sauce just completing it well and being so flavoursome, but not over powering. A lot on the place but everything with it’s distinct flavours, coming together perfectly.
 rubarb dessert
Pine yogurt, poached rhubarb, honeycomb, bee pollen
Yes! Needed this after such a rich lamb dish, the slight sourness cleansing the palate. The bee pollen was so out there with it’s flavour even though they were so tiny! Apparently a superfood as mentioned by our host –  so I was happy with that balance of something healthy for the day! 😉
 choc dessert
Chocolate delice, parsnip sponge, parsnip puree, yogurt sorbet
Well, what a birthday treat to end with! How can I say anything bad about a dessert that was this incredibly chocolate-y, dark, smooth, rich with a side of a very random parsnip puree – which had a sweetness that worked so well, and a light yogurt sorbet that helped bring it all together without clumping up in your mouth! So good. I want it again, now. me again
A happy me
I loved the staff for their friendly, very informal, knowledgeable and welcoming atmosphere they created. I felt at ease when being able to simply have a chat with them about the food, asking questions if needed and being asked after each dish about our thoughts, and genuinely having enthusiasm about the dishes themselves.
 As you can see, even though I’m a bit full up and way too relaxed, I was very content. I hope to return again.