Home cravings and Time savings…

It’s been over a month since my last blog post!

I can’t get my head around how quickly this summer has been shifting by, making it all the harder to fit in everything I want to do before the light starts to fade in the evenings – such as taking as many photos of my food, going out to enjoy evening walks, and attending events – which are flying all over the place in Bristol right now…!

But as much as I want to save time to enjoy and make the most of the great summer we’re having, I can’t help but mention my hard cravings I’ve had for home cooking this past month. I’ve not visited for over 3 months and it’s the first time, that I’ve desperately wanted Mum and Dad’s real, home cooking.


So one night after work, I took the baby spinach (which my Mum grew in her own garden) out the freezer, grabbed the last bit of petit pois peas that was alongside the spinach, and threw them together in some spices, and served them with freshly made rice and kadhi – one of my favourite yogurt sauces to eat with vegetarian curries back home.

It’s also the most simplest, quick to make sauces, which can be added as a topping over rice, or even drank alone on the side of a dish. It has a cooling effect which is perfect in summer too, for being both thin (which is normal for a Gujarati kadhi) and refreshing, having only a few spices going through natural, plain yogurt.

Our family version of kadhi is extremely simple too – by not using any chickpea flour, having less variety of spices in the tempering stage, and less time on the gas overall. But it’s still full of flavour and probably only takes 10 minutes to make!

See below a recipe for this kadhi – which is the first recipe I’m sharing from my home, Gujarati cooking. I hope you enjoy! Of course, if the first time you find it’s not as spiced enough or perhaps it’s too spiced, then adjust as you feel necessary. That’s the beauty of recipes, it’s fun to play around and make it yours…

Serves 2:

2tbsp vegetable oil

1 cup yogurt

1/4tsp each of turmeric, cumin, ground coriander, but a bit less of red chilli powder, pinch of salt

Tempering: 1/2tsp cumin seeds and 4 cloves

First, heat the vegetable or rapeseed oil in a small frying pan on a low heat, and add the cloves and cumin seeds until the cumin turns a few darker shades of brown. Take off the heat and let it cool slightly.

Add the spices and salt to the yogurt and mix through. Add this to the pan and place back on the heat, gently whisking until it nearly comes to boil – don’t let it boil though, to prevent it from splitting. Take off the heat and serve.

See, simple…