Indian Autumn

PS 2

Since moving into my new flat in Bristol, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying learning to make my Mum and Dad’s home Gujarati cooking. It’s going hand in hand to produce such beautiful food with its rich and vibrant colours in the warm indoors, whilst there are all the autumnal and vibrant colours in the leaves flying around and bringing life to the outside – quite a dramatic scene this could create if it were an advertisement for spices or something!

Now this enjoyment of mine, is actually quite unusual because I used to avoid cooking Indian food a LOT whilst living at home with my parents. I think it was mostly down to the fact that I never had the chance to really make mistakes or even so, allowed myself to make the mistakes. This is mostly because both of my parents are good cooks and I didn’t like producing food that didn’t quite match up. Plus it was hard to cook in the kitchen when they were around, and they were in there quite a lot!

I think (or at least I hope!) a lot of us have experienced that moment in the kitchen whilst living at home and having the parents looking over your shoulders, making that slight remark about ‘hmmm so what’s that you’re cooking – you sure you’re gonna do it like that?’…

Don’t get me wrong, my parents are lovely people but in the kitchen, they’re quite annoying. It’s simply because they have their own tastes and pretty much made the same kinds of dishes in the same way for years and years and don’t always understand that other people do things differently, or realise that Indian food can taste differently to theirs!

My Mum has however very lovingly and thoughtfully, sent me off fully stocked up with all the spices I need and that even includes jars of crushed garlic, ginger and chilli that I keep in the fridge topped with oil, so it’s almost preserved – making it incredibly easy to just spoon out as I need without any peeling and cutting.

So please see one of my many creations so far: Chicken and potato curry with rice and fresh coriander. I can say it’s been a fabulous, creative and inspirational adventure cooking my home dishes and I plan to continue with this journey. However, I’m afraid that I will not be sharing a recipe for them just yet… As these recipes are what I’ve gained from years of being perfected by my parents, I simply want to share my journey in learning them but only giving recipes when I’ve perhaps changed it around myself…  After all, they’re not mine to give. But please enjoy and share my new love of cooking Gujarati food as it’s something I’ve been wanting and even needing to do for a long time.

Here’s to independence and freedom with your very own kitchen!