Honey and Pistachio Semifreddo




I’m experimenting with my new ice-cream maker at the moment and am loving how simple it is to throw a few ingredients together, stick them in this whizzing cold machine and voila, there’s actual ice-cream… and it’s even better than the ones you buy in store!

However all of a sudden, I’ve had the real urge to make Nigella Lawson’s Semifreddo which doesn’t require much effort and funnily enough, no ice-cream machine! Now I always give into my cravings and thought, meh, let’s just make it whilst the machines being used for something else anyway…

Like most of Nigella’s recipes, this is so straightforward, so simple, so successful in flavours and texture that I almost feel guilty in having done hardly anything to produce such results. It’s delicious, creamy, sweet and rich and the fact that it starts to melt straight away, it gives people who don’t like their ice creams too hard the perfect combination of cold but quick access to soft, smooth creaminess. It’s also great for those like me who have sensitive teeth and have to take forever to get through my cold desserts…

A final note that’s great about this is (as there are so many reasons already), that it has honey within as well as on top to decorate which I feel is fantastic for those with hay-fever. I’m suffering big time and have been told honey is great to help with the allergies. So let’s say the ice cream is healing! I’ve also used pistachios instead of pine nuts as Nigella used, simply because it’s all I had in the house but actually, don’t you feel the colours work better in the final outcome?!

To give this a go yourself (and I think you should), see Nigella’s version on her site: http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/honey-semifreddo-239



It’s National Egg Day!

OK so it’s as simple as this. I adore eggs. They are the star of my favourite dishes and I truly believe they are one the most important and best ingredients you can have in the kitchen. I came to the realisation that they are my favourite food a while ago and here are a few reasons to explain why.

Eggs can be used in all meals including snacks.

Eggs are healthy, include good fats and are low in calories.

Eggs take most flavours with a smile, including chilli, avocado, lemon, soy sauce.

Eggs are easy to cook in ways that are simple, straightforward and can be made in a variety of ways.

Eggs are important in both sweet and savoury baking traditions.

Eggs look amazing when the yolk has just broken.

Eggs are magical, especially in meringues, oueffs en cocotte and even simply poached.

…Sometimes to make a dish come together, you just need to add an egg on top… think Moroccan meatball curry, pancakes with bacon and syrup or floating in a big bowl of ramen.

I just can’t get enough of them and hope that one day I can say, I’ve eaten eggs in every way possible from every cuisine in the world.


Now if you don’t mind, being in my dream world of all things eggs, I’d like to share a few of the previous dishes I made and a couple of new dishes I’ve created to show just how fantastic it is, to have… the egg.



Broccoli, Eggs and Masala


Asparagus, Eggs, Serrano and Aoili

Asparagus, Eggs, Serrano and Aoili

Basil Eggs and Croissant

Chilli Pork Ramen

Chive Baked Eggs

TURILA - use when Mum gets vegetable again

Turila – Mum’s curry which I still need a recipe for!


And so you see, eggs are just the bees knees. Each one of these pictures make me hungry and thinking of the next dish to make. You’ll also find a recipe for most of these within my blog and please find a new recipe for the Asparagus, Serrano, poached eggs and aioli. It’s something I made up using some left overs in the fridge but wow, such wonderful flavours, quick to put together and extremely satisfying.



Asparagus, Serrano, poached eggs and aioli: Serves 2

–          Handful of Serrano ham

–          Bunch of asparagus

–          2 tablespoons of butter

–          2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

–          4 free range eggs

–          Parsley

–          Aioli

Tear the Serrano ham into small pieces and cook with the asparagus in the butter till the asparagus is tender. Place in a dish and make your poached eggs by filling a pan 10cm deep of cold water, adding two tablespoons of white wine vinegar and allowing it to come to boil. Break your eggs into a ramekin or small bowl first then place them into the pan. You can place all 4 eggs at once.Cook for 1 ½ minutes for a runny yolk and place on top of the asparagus with a little bunch of parsley on top and aioli on the side.